From Nimbo offer services that improve the performance of the child. Constantly learning to always offer the best service to the youngest; have their own kitchen for the convenience of customers, introduction to English to begin to become familiar with languages early age, psychomotor stimulation and innovating service with pediatric medibaby.

  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool

    At Nimbo we go Swimming as an optative activity…
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  • Music in Nimbo

    Music in Nimbo

    Children love music since they are born and we understand it’s so important for there evolution…
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  • Paediatric Service

    Paediatric Service

    We have a paediatric modern service that differentiates us from other schools, MEDIBABY, so that we can contact online …
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  • Stimulation Psychomotor

    Stimulation Psychomotor

    During the first years, very important changes happen in their bodies. They start resting and laying down in their fist months…
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  • Learning English

    Learning English

    We think that children have a very high potential for learning new languages and that’s why we offer them English…
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  • Proper Kitchen

    Proper Kitchen

    Nutrition is one of the most important aspects during childhood, and one of our priorities is …
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