Paediatric Service

We have an innovative service that allows us to be connected online with the Hospital de Nens in Barcelona.

In order to continue helping our families and being able to give an immediate response to medical and psychopedagogical doubts and concerns, you will enjoy a family health consultation service with free access to all specialties, with unlimited and free consultations for all family members with the experts of the Hospital in: general medicine, pediatrics,
psychopedagogy, speech therapy, child and adolescent psychology, parent school, emotional and personal coaching, academic and professional guidance, through videoconference.

You can read more about this service by visiting the official website by clicking here: Visit the website of Hospital HM Nens

mètode Kids&Usa

We are afortunated to be located next to the CAP d’Esplugues where they have an emergency service and with whom we have a close professional relationship. We are also at 10 minutes from the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital.

All children in the school have also medical insurance for accidents and civil liability.

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