How do we work?

What better defines Nimbo is the human and familiar environment prepared to take care of the children and their families. We love our work, the relation with children and families, helping them to grow in their natural development.

We understand education as the natural evolution of each boy and girl with it’s specific physical and intellectual characteristics. Our intention is to guide them discovering the world that surrounds them, helping them to move and live in it. We believe that the best way to do that is giving them all the love, respect and confidence they need, so that they can discover it by themselves.

That’s why we offer them interesting activities, musical, artistic and physical, so that they can discover different ways of approaching to reality.

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It’s especially important for us the daily relation and contact with parents. They’ve given us the possibility to share the most important moment of their lives, and we feel responsible of helping them in what they need. We are a big family, a great team (family and school), all working for the same purpose educating and helping in their child’s growth.

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