Dinning Room and Kitchen

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects during childhood, and one of our priorities is that they manage to eat correctly and by themselves in a proper way. We have a very big dinning room specifically designed for it, so they can eat in their own place, and not in the classrooms. It’s is important to take care of this as much as possible so that when they get to school they will be able to do it by themselves with no help.


We have a cook that prepares daily all of the meals for the children. And our kitchen is equipped with a special machine which allows us to cock in the most healthy way. We prepare two menus, one for babies and one for toddlers.


We have the specific authorization of the Dep. de Sanitat de la Generalitat de Catalunya for cooking and serving meals for our children. We buy weekly ecological fruit and vegetable for the meals. In the morning all children have a healthy snack of fruit.


During spring we eat in our terrace outside in the playground, and we have such a nice time while eating.

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